Sharondipity Bracelet Loom
The Bracelet Loom is specifically for working bracelets.
 Like the other tube looms it eliminates the warp thread.
The steps for working a bracelet loom are illustrated in the Bracelet Loom Tutorial
 price is $7.95

Projects made with the Sharondipity Bracelet Loom
Over the Edge

Covers basics for traditional and Sharondipity Bracelet looms, with fun designs that incorporate clever edgings and interesting beaded clasps. Includes 6 designs that teach basic seed bead skills. Instructions clear enough for beginners with designs interesting enough for more experienced beaders.

price without a Sharondipity Bracelet loom 14.95
 price with a Sharondipity Bracelet loom 19.95
Projects in Over the Edge

Sharondipity Tube Loom
 The Tube Loom is a loom designed specifically for making amulet bags, 2 3/4 inches wide. The advantage it has over using a traditional loom is that there are no warp threads to tie off after you have completed the bead work. The completed bag will slide off the loom, in a tube shape, which you can sew closed along on end. Adding fringe and a strap completes the process.

 price is $7.95
Sharondipity Tiny Tube Loom

The Tiny Tube Loom, like the Tube loom, is for a small bag... approximately 1 3/4 inches wide. It uses the same steps illustrated in the Tube Loom Tutorial.
 price is $7.95

Projects made with the Sharondipity Tiny Tube Loom